Nógrádi Kiss Magdolna

I began my arts studies in 1973, in an artists’ circle led by Ádám Misch, in Budapest. From 1976 I studied at Juhász Gyula Teacher Training College, majoring in drawing. After taking my degree as an art teacher, I was teaching in schools all over the country and the capital. I was leading drawing and art circles and holding lectures on art history. From the 1970s onwards, I have been working in various artists’ colonies. I am a member of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists. Member of the Symposium Society, and have been jointly exhibiting with the Folyamat (Process) Society on a regular basis.

During my study trips I have visited the museums, galleries and international fairs of several countries of the United States, Europe and Asia. Following a longer interruption, I have been regularly putting my works on display at individual as well as group exhibitions at home and abroad.Following my graduation in aesthetics, I also took a degree from the Arts Faculty of Eötvös Lóránd University and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Marx Károly University of Economics. I have also taken a Ph.D. degree.